U-Pick Operations

blueberry-fruitSweet, Northwest Berries. Extend the berry season with early, mid and late-season cultivars. Make it an everlasting summer.

strawberry-harvestResources for U-Pick Growers
Our wide selection of popular u-pick varieties allows our growers to extend their season throughout the summer, Try planting strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and make your u-pick business appealing to all types of berry lovers. Click the links above to see the u-pick varieties we grow.

Plants You Know by Name
News about the amazing health benefits of berries have increased industry demand tremendously over the past few years, and the u-pick berry industry is also expanding. Northwest berry lovers look forward to the chance of getting out in the field and picking their own fresh berries all year long. And these customers know what they want. The biggest, tastiest berry cultivars are often household names. Your customers have grown up eating fresh Hood strawberries or their grandmother’s Marionberry pie. For many people, these famous varieties symbolize summer and remind them of happy family traditions. For your u-pick business to be successful, it is important that you plant the berry varieties your target market is looking for. We grow all the best varieties and we can help you choose the right cultivars to keep your customers, and your bottom line, happy.

berry-bushHelp You Need to Get Started
Whether you are starting up a brand new business, expanding your berry mix or adding to an established planting, preparing and maintaining u-pick fields require a lot of work. Starting with the right plants can save you a lot of time, energy and money . We offer a wide selection of different cultivars and sizes and many of our plants will bear fruit their first year. This means you can get your fields producing sooner and start seeing a return on your investment right away. Not only do we supply our growers with the best plants and most popular varieties, we can also assist in the planning, preparation and maintenance processes. We can help you get connected to farm management companies that can help with everything from GPS field mapping to raised bed prep to weed control. And, we are growers, too! So we can help you pick out the right equipment and offer advice on pruning and plant health to keep your fields looking and performing well, all year long.

Connections to Help You Succeed
We are very involved in industry organizations and community activities. We value the connections we have with our customers, industry peers and commissions. We can introduce you to the right organizations to promote your business and help you reach more customers. We offer promotional and marketing opportunities to our customers as well, such as publicity at events, listings and links on our website, customer promotions through our Facebook page, you name it! We are constantly looking for new, unique ways to connect to our customers and the markets our customers serve.