Retail-Ready Plants

blueberry-fruitGet in on the hottest trend in gardening, edible landscapes. Berry plants are beautiful, practical and exactly what your customers want to plant.

retailersAttract customers with eye-catching berries.
Let us take care of the details like labeling and signage, even promotion so you can focus on what you do best, serving your customers. Use the menu on the right to see the varieties we grow.

Resources for Retailers
We carry a wide range of popular blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry plants in colorful pots and a variety of sizes so we are sure to have exactly what you, and your customers, are looking for. Our high quality plants are available in a variety of different sized and colored pots and can also be delivered bareroot. We understand that different customers are are looking for different product offerings and our goal is to arm retailers with enough options to satisfy all their customers. We can work with you to develop a diverse product mix or simply help you round out your current offerings.

Potted blues are available year round. Potted caneberries and strawberries are available starting mid-April. Please order potted caneberries and strawberries before March 1st, so the plants have enough time to establish themselves in the containers. We have bareroot caneberries and strawberries available from about October-March.

Displays and Signage
While ripe, juicy berries are sure to attract attention, we also offer many labeling, signage and display options to compliment your retail marketing strategy. We can provide you with refurbished wooden display boxes for bareroot plants. To help keep plants looking great on the shelf, we add water holding amendments and slow release fertilizer to the soil to increase shelf-life. We also provide marketing support to our retailers, including event and online advertising opportunities. All our retail plants come with custom designed picture tags which include care instructions, planting advice, etc. as well as a QR code linking to our website so your customers can access recipes and additional help. We can make special price tags for a small fee. These tags can include your logo, website, etc. in addition to pricing. To garner even more attention, we can help design your display with banners and creative signage.

big-bright-berriesBig, Bright Berries
What’s the best way to attract your customers’ attention? Colorful, flavorful berries. At Arbor Grove Nursery, we sell bigger, more mature plants that are ready to produce fruit right off your shelves- and even right on your shelves! We offer two year old blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and raspberry plants, all of which will produce plenty of berries this spring and summer. We offer berry cultivars that are popular with home gardeners whether they have a few acres or small patio. Many of our varieties grow well in containers or on balconies and we even sell strawberry baskets- perfect for city dwellers.

Free Delivery
For retailers that guarantee a seasonal order of at least $1000, we will provide once a week delivery of cardboard carry-out trays and replacement plants for free, every Monday for customers within 20 miles of St. Paul. Extra plants can be picked up at the nursery throughout the week if necessary. Please give the production team at least a days notice to make sure the plants are ready for you. Orders for the weekly deliveries need to be given to the sales team by 2pm on Thursday. We invoice on a consignment basis for season-long customers. Smaller orders need to be paid for in advance.

Full Service Supplier
Our goal is to help you meet your customers’ needs. So, if you need something that is not listed on our website, please ask us about it. We will work with you to find what you need, even if it is something we don’t currently grow. Let us help you make your retail nursery more successful. Look through our varieties and read up on our contract growing options for more information.