Reka, Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants

blueberry-fruitReka consistently out produces almost every other major variety and the berries taste great! What more could you ask for?


Reka Blueberry Fields at the Nursery Quite a view! A beautiful late fall day at Arbor Grove Nursery. This shot was taken looking out over Reka and Bluejay blueberry plants at our antique barn.

More about Reka blueberry plants:
Reka is an early season workhorse.  Widely planted as a commercial processing variety, Reka boasts great processed market characteristics.  It dependably produces great tasting berries with uniform size, color and firmness.  Though its shorter shelf life discourages its use as a commercial fresh variety, it is hard to beat for local fresh market sales and home gardens.  Reka is easy to grow and prune and it thrives in heavier soils that many other varieties such as Duke and Draper struggle with.  Reka continues to gain popularity due to its ability to retain firmness even through the stress of machine harvesting.  Planting Reka along with Duke and a later season cultivar, such as Legacy, is a great way to diversify your planting.  Because Reka is so easy to pick with machines, growers won’t waste money on unnecessary labor and it’s early season and dependable yields guarantee an attractive product for the processed market year after year.  On the retail side, Reka consistently outsells other blueberry varieties because of its perfectly tangy flavor and its ability to grow well under almost any condition.