Legacy, Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants

blueberry-fruitGreat tasting berries and beautiful fall foliage make Legacy the perfect addition to any edible garden.


Fall Foliage on Legacy Blueberry Plants Legacy blueberry- our version of the evergreen blueberry. Or should we say “ever-purple”? Legacy shows off beautiful purple leaves in late fall, making a beautiful addition to edible landscapes.

More about Legacy blueberry plants:
Legacy is photosynthesis in action. This variety boasts Southern Highbush parentage and is the closest thing to an evergreen blueberry that we grow at Arbor Grove Nursery. Because Legacy retains its leaves almost all year it continues to convert sunlight into energy longer than other Northern Highbush varieties. More energy conversion means more berries and Legacy’s yields are a testament to this science. In the Oregon State University field trials, Legacy continues to out produce every other variety. Similarly to Bluecrop, Legacy’s growth and long-lasting foliage create pruning difficulties. But, the yields and flavor prove to be worth the extra work. Commercial fresh markets are begging for more Legacy because of its high-quality berries and excellent fresh flavor. We recommend Legacy to growers looking for a dependable, high-yielding later season blueberry. But remember, the prolonged energy conversion allowed by Legacy’s evergreen character makes it less cold hardy than other Northern Highbush varieties. Early frosts and late freezes can severely damage yields so make sure to protect your plants against extremely low temperatures.