Duke, Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants

blueberry-fruitThe #1 planted blueberry for a reason. Duke produces firm, great tasting berries, suitable for every market.

More about Duke blueberry plants:
Even with all the new varieties released over the past few years, Duke still remains the most sought after blueberry cultivar. It ripens early and plentifully, which means that even in years when the market is tough, growers can capitalize on the early season market. Duke is a favorite variety of processors, due mainly to it’s uniform ripening, color, firmness and quality. But, it’s that same high quality that makes Duke a great fresh market berry. Probably one of Duke’s biggest strengths is its ability to be machine harvested without losing its winning flavor and firmness attributes, which saves growers tons of money on labor bills. We recommend Duke to commercial growers as well as smaller scale farmers. We caution against planting Duke in heavy soils since this cultivar is susceptible to root rot. However, planting Duke in raised rows can help promote drainage and fend off rot issues.


2 year Duke Blueberry Plant

Here is a look at one of our 2 year Duke blueberry plants from last fall. Not only do we focus on root development which means our plants are better able to utilize other investments such as fertilizer and irrigation, we also propagate all our blueberry plants from softwood cuttings. This means not only are our plants bigger and ready to bear fruit, they also have mature wood which is better able to handle the weight of high yields.