Bluejay, Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants

blueberry-fruitQuick to establish and fast growing, Bluejay is a top choice for commercial growers and processors alike.


Bluejay Blueberry Plants in Orland, CA

More about Bluejay blueberry plants:
Don’t believe the hype- newer isn’t always better. There is definitely something to be said for dependable, tried and true varieties. And as far as processing varieties go, Bluejay is always at the top of the list. Bluejay’s mildly flavored, medium sized berries ripen mid-season. And, while that’s a lot of “middle-of-the-road” adjectives, Bluejay is anything but an average blueberry plant. In fact, Bluejay blueberry bushes grow almost twice as fast as other blueberry varieties. That means growers see big yields fast. In fact, some of the 2nd year Bluejay plants we planted on our farm in Northern California are already bigger than some of our 5 year blueberry plants of other varieties. Talk about a quick return on investment! Bluejay boasts many of the same great processing attributes as Duke and Reka, mainly uniform size, shape, color and firmness. Additionally, Bluejay can be easily harvested in just one pick- in fact, it’s the recommended practice for machine harvest. Allowing the berries to fully ripen on the bush promotes even more uniformity and heavier berries which means more money for your berries. While Bluejay will probably never break through to the commercial fresh market, its processed market appeal is here to stay.