Bluecrop, Northern Highbush Blueberry Plants

blueberry-fruitA tried and true favorite for decades. Bluecrop is known for its unique, flowery taste.

More about Bluecrop blueberry plants:
Bluecrop is an old-time favorite. It has been a staple in the blueberry industry for years. Its name recognition alone makes it a favorite for retail and u-pick sales as well as local farmers markets. In fact, Bluecrop is the most widely planted mid-season cultivar in the world. This variety also has great disease resistance. While its prevalence as a commercial variety has dwindled as newer varieties that are more adaptable to mechanical harvesting have burst onto the blueberry scene, Bluecrop’s flavor, dependability and easy management continue to keep Bluecrop relevant in the blueberry industry. However, Bluecrop tends to machine pick well if its first picking is done by hand. Bluecrop grows easily and quickly and because of this it is important to prune this variety well to prevent over-cropping. When Bluecrop is managed correctly and allowed to fully ripen before picking, the fruit quality is hard to beat for both the processed and local fresh markets.


Bluecrop Blueberry Plant in Early Spring

Green blueberries early in the season. Make sure to give Bluecrop enough time to fully ripen on the bush. If berries are picked too early, you risk getting super tart blueberries or red-back, which is when only part of the fruit turns blue.