blueberry-fruit-in-fieldWe’ve got the blues.
Don’t see the variety you are looking for? Don’t count us out. We can work with you to grow you the plants you need. Let us bring our experience and dedication to your project.

Our Blueberries
We have been growing blueberries for our fields since 2006. We noticed that with the increased demand of blueberries it was becoming difficult to find consistent access to high-quality plants. We got tired of waiting and starting propagating our own blueberry plants. As it turned out, our production team, headed up by Benito Mendoza, had some very green thumbs. Benito focuses on root development- the foundation of any great plant. We grow bigger, more mature plants so your new field starts off ahead of the competition. This means you can get to the market faster and ultimately make more money off your investment. After seeing the difference that planting mature starts has made in our own fields, we quickly realized it was only right to share our good fortune with other growers. Over the last few years we have significantly increased our production capabilities all while continuing to produce the same high-quality blueberry plants we started with 7 years ago. We have taken our experience growing blueberries and applied what we learned to growing our other berry plants. We hope you like what you see and eventually what you taste.